Stll Alive… Much to everyone’s disappointment…

Well, the not-so-new job is working out well.¬† And, more importantly, I am making adjustments to go with it. I’m actually enjoying the delivery part of the job. Peterbilt makes a very nice truck and I am very comfortable with driving it.

Attitude makes a big difference, and even at my age, I need to always remember how unimportant so much of life really is. Thus, work is working out better all the time.

Still haven’t ridden/hiked/MRR’d but soon- hopefully on Monday- I’ll at least get me bum out of bed early to ride to work. Wish me energy!

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Yes, I am now employed! I have gone from just a standard work week to a very intense schedule- one that includes up to 12-hour days- with no notice except “Ya gotta go to Verdi”. It does beat no job.

I haven’t ridden in weeks- simply no time. Nor have I been able to do any modeling¬†on the layout. But just three more weekends at Apple Hill, then I can do some stuff for me. Hope Springs Eternal.

I recommend Robert Fripp’s The Big Chill for good listening.

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Trying to Post

Doesn’t it seem like so may other things take over one’s time, preventing one from writing? Always happens to me. Such is life.

I took a ride last Thursday – out Fort Churchill road to Buckland’s Station and back. Not a hilly route by any means, but still tough. Wash-board surface, sand, rocky- sometimes all three at once. Sorry, no pics- I have done the ride may times, so the only pics I have are older. And I have to figure out how to post what I have. Soon, I will. In the meantime, Enjoy the white background.

In other news, yes, I am currently unemployed. I hope to change that soon.


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Hello world!

This is a Test of the Boring Broadcast System. If you are actually bored, this system is functioning normally and it is recommended that you visit one of the many links to things that are far more interesting than I.

Thank You for your understanding.

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