Onward, Ho!

After a rather long stoppage, I did go out for a ride yesterday. Out to Chaves, down to Ft Churchill, past the school to River Park, then on to home. I’d say about a six mile jaunt, a nice start after- what- 10 months? I had done a little riding since the last entry [Geez- I hope so!], and did purchase a new ride in 2013. More about that later.

My form was terrible to start, but after a couple of miles, I seemed to settle down and smooth out.

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On A Roll…

I pedaled out to the Ramsey-Weeks Cut-Off this mid-day. Well, actually to the Desert Memorial Gardens. (Which turned out to be a cemetery. I didn’t know…) This was a very nice ride, even along Highway 50. The shoulders were nice and wide and plenty of room to the right of the rumble strip. Lots of clouds on the way out, which organized and began to rain just as I neared home.

Looking towards home

I feel pretty good, though a bit worn out. I really need to get in more miles- to rebuild my base fitness. It does not help that I’m munching on chips and dip as I write this.

On the way out, almost to Stagecoach, I encountered a hitchhiker, to whom I handed off an orange, reverse feeding-zone style.  I figured he wouldn’t get a ride as he was near the state prison’s no-hitchhiking zone; but I did not see him on the return. He must have gotten a ride. Good for him.

In the model railroading field, I find myself stopped cold. I’ve laid the track, but I’m stuck at the next step. Should I make buildings, then I know where to apply/not apply the ground scenery, or should I just do the ground scenery, and scrape as needed when the buildings are ready? As the base is just styrofoam, I do need to glue it to the correctly sized board. Then I need to trim the ‘foam and add sides to make it neat.

Even as I write this, I’m getting a little inspired to do what I can. This is just a practice lay-out, after all….

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Again, with the Riding!

Yep, I did. A commute ride to work, about 9-1/2 miles each way. I felt great and was as slow as could be and still stay up-right. It’s tough trying to get back one’s legs. It was still fun and I’m darn glad that I did it. I hope the weather holds this weekend so I can go out again.

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Went Riding!

I’ve just come back from a nice easy ride- the first in a couple of weeks. It was a light, easy, low-key ride. Out to Iron Mountain and back, with some minor detours and wanderings, for an estimated 12 miles. It’s too mushy for off-road explorations right now- wet, with freeze/thaw cycles softening the earth.

Weather was beautiful. 47F and a slight breeze from the NW made the trip out enough of a challenge, and made the return almost perfect. And the post-ride beer tasted just fine. Buckbean Orange Blossom Ale.

Boy, I do need saddle time, though. A good start to get back into the swing of things. Thanks to BSNYC and Maddog for the inspiration to get my fat, 196# bum on the saddle.

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I guess that all those hits were just me. Oh well….
Work is going reasonably well, and home life is OK. One of these days, I’ll have the time to post for real…

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Stop the Censorship

Those Bastards!

Not that anyone cares, but I am also joining the flock and protesting Big Brother.

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According to the WordPress stats, someone has actually looked at the site- besides me! Whoa! I guess I had better be more interesting!

Yes, I have actually ridden to work- last Thursday. It was a relatively warm morning (26F) and it was a decent ride. I sure felt the lack of miles. I have found that SR 341 has minimal shoulders, so I’ll have to take the Alphonse route into the industrial park -with more traffic. Meh….

I’m feeling a bit lethargic about riding. The Cold, the early hour…just little inspiration in the morning. A comment or two is welcome to kick me in the bum!

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